Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is now available for non-patients!

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Clinical Research

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Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are now available.

About KidMed Pediatrics

Parenting is tough. Knowing what is right, what is wrong, and how to make the right decision when it comes to your child’s health can get confusing and frustrating. You need a partner; a trusted friend who can talk you through the confusion and help you make those important decisions.

How to Become a Patient

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KidMed is currently accepting patients of all ages with private insurance and both Texas Children's and Community Health medicaid plans.

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KidMed Pediatric Services


KidMed strongly advocates for fully vaccinated children on the recommended CDC schedule.

So strong is that opinion that willingness to be fully vaccinated is a requirement for becoming a patient at KidMed. We also believe and strongly support well informed, educated parents and dispelling myths and incorrect information. To that end we strive to answer any question and alleviate any concern you might have about vaccines and your children. Whether private insurance, Medicaid, or no insurance, we have you covered when it comes to vaccines.

Well-Baby Checkup

Did you know that your newborn needs a lot of care and attention?

Of course, you did. To that end KidMed provides all necessary routine medical care from birth. Your newborn will need routine check ups starting just a few days after leaving the hospital. So please, let us take some of that burden from you. Call us, get registered, and schedule your newborn’s first check up before you get discharged from the hospital after the delivery. From there, we will take care of the rest. If you preregistered with us while you were pregnant, that makes the process even faster and easier for you (we love that, too).

Sports Checkup

KidMed can provide sports physicals and clearance to play for your aspiring athlete.

Most active extracurricular activities require clearance on a yearly basis, and we advise all athletes to do this with their PCP as opposed to a mass physical at the school gym. Just bring the sports physical form from your school or organization, fill out the front questionnaire, and schedule an appointment to let Dr. Bell and his staff take care of the rest. Forgot your form? No worries, we can provide one. Let us help your athlete play safely and to their utmost potential.

Behavior Consultation

Bringing extensive knowledge and love for behavioral cases, as well as an extensive referral network of specialists, Dr. Bell is well equipped for helping with a wide spectrum of behavioral issues.

Behavior clinic is usually held on Wednesdays, so that you and your child know exactly what to expect. We know that these difficult situations are hard on a family, so please let us assist in you in any way we can to help your child be all they can be.

Skin Testing for Jaundice

Jaundice is one of the most common concerns for newborn patients.

At KidMed, we have the ability to check your child’s jaundice level using painless skin testing. The result is immediate and decreases the need for blood testing and needle sticks. If you are ever concerned about your new baby’s jaundice, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Ear Piercings

For children 6 months – 11 years of age, we provide safe, sterile ear piercings on a self-pay basis.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we provide you with instructions on the proper care after the procedure. If you would like your children’s ears pierced, please ask one of our staff to schedule you an appointment or add it to your child’s next well check. Your child does not have to be a patient at KidMed in order to get their ears pierced! Contact our office for more information.

Nutritional Guidance

Frustrated with your child’s eating?

You’re not alone. Getting your child to eat right is one of the hardest things to do as a parent. Let us help. With his medical expertise (as well as some in parenting due to his own picky little eaters), Dr. Bell can help provide coping mechanisms and techniques to help you get through to your little eater. We can also provide healthy eating visits for those children requesting help with weight, blood pressure, and other nutritional issues. Referrals for difficult cases to reputable nutritionists and dietitians are available.

New Patients

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KidMed is currently accepting patients of all ages with private insurance and both Texas Children's and Community Health medicaid plans.