Child with Mom

Parenting is tough! Knowing what is right, what is wrong, and how to make the right decision when it comes to your child’s health can get confusing and frustrating. You need a partner; a trusted friend who can talk you through the confusion and help you make those important decisions.

At KidMed, Dr. Robert Codey Bell and his staff strive to be the best healthcare partner possible for you and your children. With the expertise to know the best options, the bedside manner to explain them to you, and the tenacity to make sure it all gets done, everyone at KidMed strives to make your life and the life of your child just a little bit easier. We know that coming to the doctor isn’t fun for anyone, but at KidMed, maybe you’ll leave your visit feeling just a little bit better than when you came in. Getting a little candy and a warm smile doesn’t hurt, either.