Medical Research – Clinical Trials

Dr. Bell and his research team at Tekton Research have partnered to bring clinical trial opportunities to our patients and families – right here in our office. Clinical trials are essential to the discovery of safer and more effective vaccines, medications and other interventions for our children. By participating in our clinical trials, you are helping that process along.

When you and your child participate in a clinical trial, all study-related medications, vaccines, nutritional supplements, etc., are provided at no cost. Compensation will be provided to qualified participants for completed study visits. Also, study-related office visits, exams, and lab work will be performed at no cost to you. No insurance is required.

Learn more about our currently enrolling studies on the Tekton Research website. The fastest way to get involved is to call the research team at 855-248-2556. You can also request a call through their website. Or simply ask about “research” at your next office visit.

Please know that your participation in our clinical trials does not affect the manner in which KidMed treats patients within our practice. You can expect the same compassionate and educated care from both our clinic and research teams regardless of your participation. It’s just one more option for you as we at KidMed seek to provide the most up-to-date, highest quality care for all our patients.

Kristen Bennet

Kristen Bennet


Kristin is the clinical research coordinator with Tekton Research at KidMed. Her job is to plan, direct, and coordinate clinical research projects. Mrs. Bennett graduated from Lamar University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree in May of 2013. She has been a registered nurse since July of 2013, and previously worked with pediatric patients in the hospital setting before joining the KidMed team.

Along with being a Certified Pediatric Nurse, Mrs. Bennett has many other certificates, and is excited for the opportunity to bring pediatric medical research to Beaumont. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband Jordan and their twin daughters; Katelyn, and Emily. Camping is their number one vacation, especially when it is at the lake where they can go fishing.